What Causes Boils?


Boils, boils, boils! These painful pus-filled bumps can appear anywhere on your body from your face to the cleft between your buttocks. What causes them and are you at a risk of developing boils?  Get all of your answers here so that you can prevent boils from ever developing on your skin or learn how to clear up those that have already appeared.

The Causes Of Boils

Find out more about the causes of boils by reading our page on Common Causes.  Discover ways to lower your risk of getting boils by visiting our page called Skin Boils and Carbuncles: Who’s At Risk? You might be surprised to find how wearing clothes that are too tight or using immune-suppressing medications, such as corticosteroids, makes you more susceptible to developing skin boils and carbuncles.  By arming yourself with this information now you can prevent boils from forming on your body.

Also find out more about cystic acne and boils and about how your eye infection might really be a boil.  Learn about how hygiene can help prevent the spread of boils and find out how immune disorders that prevent your body from fighting infection can prevent your body from resisting an outbreak of boils.  Diabetes can also cause complications with boils--find out what you need to know now!

No Need To Suffer

However, no one should needlessly suffer from boils.  There are many things you can do to prevent boils from spreading throughout your body and from reoccurring.  So don’t boil over with your boils. Learn to cool those bumps off your skin by becoming more informed, today!  Start reading now!